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Seagull Milk Sunscreen (SPF50+)
Seagull Milk Sunscreen (SPF50+)
Seagull Milk Sunscreen (SPF50+)

Seagull Milk

Seagull Milk Sunscreen (SPF50+)



Product description:

Seagull Milk Sunscreen (SPF50+) provides you with the highest quality sun protection - without the greasy sunscreen feel we know you hate! Renound for it's light, sweet vanilla smell, and oil free base, it's the perfect sunscreen for those of us who hate the greasy stuff. It's formulated with care, using ethical and environmentally friendly ingredients to nourish and moisturise your skin and give you optimum sun protection, so you can feel confident under the sun. Pop open a tube and try it for yourself!


Why it's special:

- Oil free formula means won't leave skin greasy, or run down face stinging eye

- Full of clean ingredients that are formulated for the most gentle of skin types

- Protects against both UVA & UVB rays, reducing risk of premature skin aging and sunburn

- Family friendly formula and can be used on all ages from 6 months onward


Good to know:

TGA approved formula, 100g tube, hyperallergenic, minimal white cast, designed face and body, suitable for most skin types and skin sensitivities, family friendly, 90minutes water resistance, vegan, SPF50+, reef safe, cruelty free, paraben free, Australian made

NO seagulls we're milked in the making of this product


Active Ingredient:

Zinc Oxide - 214mg/g


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