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The Seagull Milk Story

We are Seagull Milk, a premium health conscious & environmentally friendly sun-care brand. We help health conscious sun lovers like you, and their families, live in confidence under the sun by empowering them to live safer, happier and healthier, through sun-care products they can rely on and trust every single day!


Our journey started back in mid 2018, where we started making products for our friends and family, which suddenly began to spread all around Australia at a very fast rate. Before we knew it, we found ourselves taking on the responsibility of keeping the people we love, safe and healthy under the sun, and that's something we proud ourselves in every single day!


The core of our business focuses on creating sustainably sourced, hassle free sun-care products that protect the things that matter most to us in life - the people we love, the animals and environment around us! That's why we promise to use healthy vegan friendly ingredients that offer the best and highest form sun protection, that is ethically sourced here in Australia. From our family to your's, it's our promise to make your time spent outside that little bit better, that little bit more safe, and that little bit more fun!


We Love You Guys - SM xx





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